E-Force Combi tool in new Rosenbauer CL Appliance

E-Force Battery Powered Combi Tool in new Rosenbauer CL Appliance


Rosenbauer UK has bought the first of it’s demonstrator “Compact Line” Fire appliances to the UK. This particular CL Appliances is based on a 5.5 tonne Mercedes Sprinter and can seat up to 6 personnel including the driver. This CL Appliance has been kitted out with a Weber Rescue Systems SPS360L E-Force Battery Powered Combi Tool. Powered by a 28V Lithium Ion Battery in either 3 A/Hr or 5 A/Hr capacities it eliminates the need for a conventional hydraulic power unit and hoses, creating an overall smaller footprint for the vehicles hydraulic rescue equipment. Therefore allowing vehicle manufacturers to add extra equipment and/or stowage. With a max spreading force at working range of  up to 70 Tonnes and a Cutting Force of up to 50 Tonnes the SPS360L E-Force is truly an ideal & versatile tool for the small appliances.

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